An RGB extension module for Ascel Eletronic's instruments

AE20204 with Ascelorizer installed
AE20204 LC Meter with AscΘlorizer installed.

AscΘlorizer is an unofficial hardware extension module for Ascel Eletronic's instruments. The module makes it possible to replace the stock LCD display (blue or green) with a colorful RGB display.

By default, AscΘlorizer pseudo-randomizes the display color on startup, making the day a bit more fun and exciting! By bridging the two surface mount contacts on the circuit board, the color scheme can be switched from a static one to rotating colors.

AscΘlorizer by itself.

AscΘlorizer is controlled by the small'n mighty ATTINY85V-10MU. Only three passives are needed on the PCB.

Display options
Display options. Single color on left, RGB on right.

Backside of displays
Single color and RGB displays have different number of pins.

Ascelorizer installed on RGB display
AscΘlorizer installed on RGB display.

Color examples
Look at the colors!

AscelΘrizer is not a commercial product but Ascel Electronic's instruments are!
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